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Hyttestyret - The cabin board

The Cabin Board has the executive responsibility for operating and maintaining the cabin. As a part of the Cabin Board, you’re joining a nice group of about 13 persons who together operate the cabin. Every Board member has their own area of responsibility, combined with collective responsibility for all members of the board: weekly board meetings, approximately two shifts at the cabin per month, and keeping the spirits high. If you would like more responsibility and contribute a bit more to the cabin, the board is something for you! In addition to the positions you can apply for, the board includes the following positions: Cabin Chief, Vice Cabin Chief, Cashier, Economy Chief, Chief of Maintenance, Project Chief, Booking Chief, HR Responsible and Bar Chief. None of the positions demand previous knowledge or experience, only willingness to learn! 

Disclaimer: A lot of the communication related to  the work on the Board is in Norwegian and we wish that all applicants can speak and understand Norwegian. We can however make exceptions for particularly motivated applicants. If you feel like this applies to you please feel free to apply.

Apply for a position in the board here.

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The Kitchen Chief

With the role of Kitchen Chief, you have the main responsibility of the kitchen, and you are the head of the kitcen group. You usually have a couple of shifts during the month. In addition, you sit on the board, where you represent the rest of the kitchen group, and have the opportunity to make wishes and suggestions for the cabin. When necessary, you also have a meeting with the rest of the sous chefs where you plan what will be served in the cabin.

PR Chief

The PR Chief has the job of making Studenterhytta visible to Trondheim's students. This involves publishing posts on the Cabin's social media, as well as updating our website when necessary. You also have a PR/Event group, which, among other things, can help with taking photos and videos from various events. It is also your job to lead the planning and execution of recruitment.

Social Responsible

​As Social Responsible, you will be responsible for the social events that take place for the volunteers at the Cabin. These can be both small and large events, both at the cabin or in the city. You will also have a lot of freedom to decide which social activities we will arrange. In addition, you will get help from the PR/Event group to plan and organize the events.

Material Responsible

The Material Responsible will be responsible for design, ordering and have an overview of all kinds of materials we need. This includes, among other things, clothing with our logo, materials for the stand, and equipment we need for "dugnad". This position is therefore suitable for you who are organized and creative.

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